Teally good OOTD

Hi-di-hi campers!

I'm still bat-shit about jewel colours (and bad puns) so I decided to get these leggings before my holiday. OF COURSE they were delivered the day I left - after I left. Hahaha.

Top, Yours (last year)
Leggings, ASOS Curve
Belt, ASOS Curve
Shoes, Very (last year)

OK, I need you to hold an intervention on my behalf. I need some black or other neutral coloured bras. Help! Can you recommend me a good bra? I'm a 44/46E and I like hoist-them-up-to-the-sky type underwired and padded creations. I'm greedy, I still want moarrrrrr boobs. Oh God, and if they have wide straps I'll love you fuh evah! I'm sick of weeny little straps. I need serious support.


Thank you for reading. No really, help my boobs.

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