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Today we have a guest post from Gisela.

Hello hello everybody! I´m Gisela, and you can usually find me blogging at Curvas Libres (Free Curves).  I can pretty much say that life as I know it today started last February. Till then, I was working on a regular 9 to 5 job without much ambition of it ever changing. And then I was laid off, and found myself with too much time in my hands and a reliable notebook, so I started spending hours online. I found some amazing plus size bloggers who lived the life I never knew I wanted –loving their bodies for what they were and flaunting them around. This women and their vision of what life can be baffled me, and so I started going deeper and deeper in the Fat Acceptance movement. It seemed like a new world was appearing in front of me. It may seem like an exaggeration, but that was the ways it felt for me. 

Around the same time, I signed up for a 30 days self-portrait e-course called Be Your Own Beloved. I still don´t know why I did it, ´cause I´ve always hated seeing pictures of myself. But I guess it came at the right time. After a month of taking self-portraits, I learned to see my body with much more kindness and love than ever before. It was a truly transformative experience for me. I started to feel more confident and beautiful –more like the woman I always dreamt of being.

It was such a life changing experience for me that I started to search for other people near me that were already living according to the Fat Acceptance movement and the HAES principles to share our point of view and perhaps meet sometime –the more fabulous fatties, the better. I spent days searching the web, and then asked my BFF to search too. We couldn´t find any blog or group in Buenos Aires, or Argentina, or even in other Latin American countries. (If you know of anyone, please share!). It was heartbreaking. Not just because I couldn´t get an FA buddy, but because there´s probably many many Latin women out there that get fed with all the media BS everyday and don´t have anyone like them to tell them that there is an alternative.  And that´s how the idea of Curvas Libres was born. I started blogging in August and every response I´ve got till this day is positive. I don´t try to portrait myself as any kind of expert –not at all. I just share my experience and my point of view, and hope to plant at least a small FA seed into someone´s mind. 

So two month ago, my new life is going great, except that I was still unemployed and without any good prospect in sight. And that´s where my mom comes in. One evening she turns to me and says “So why don´t you start selling plus size clothes?” I can swear the sky opened and a choir of angels started singing Aleluya. Of course, I had to sell plus size clothes. That´s exactly what was missing in my life. I´ve love fashion for many years and the new vision of my body had only increased that love, but buying clothes had always been an excruciating process for me, just like it was for every other fat woman I know.  And so Curvas Libres Indumentaria (Free Curves Attire) was born. 

September 2nd I set up a Facebook page where people can check out the clothes that are available and purchase them directly -everything in plus sizes only, most pieces going up to 4XL (if the online convertor is correct). Each piece is specially selected to celebrate our body and flaunt our curves, not hide our rolls or our butt.  I also set up a showroom every Saturday, so any women that want to see the clothes in person can come. My dream is to offer them a safe shopping experience, with no one making fun of how they look or shaming them for their size. I have a poster on a wall that says “This is a body hate free zone. Every body is loved and celebrated here”, and I mean it.  

I leave you a few photos of our Summer/Spring production. Please be nice to the model –it´s me. My budget doesn´t allow me to hire a professional model just yet.

I hope you enjoyed today´s post. I know it´s totally autobiographic, but I wanted to share with you how my life changed after meeting incredible ladies like our lovely Leah. I´ll see you over at Curvas Libres if you wanna check it out (it´s in Spanish, but there´s always Google Translator).


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