Peacock Strut


This is the second and last set of outfit photos taken on location outside our lodge while we were in Weymouth. My step dad was always in a hurry to get going so I didn't get time to do as many outfit posts as I'd like.

My brown boots don't really go with this outfit but the black ankle boots I'd taken with me fell apart while we were at Lulworth Cove the day before so they went in the bin. (I'd worn them all last winter and they only cost £12.50 so I'm not overly bothered.)
This dress makes my bum look AMAZING!
I got a LOT of stares in this dress. As in 'Oh my God I feel violated, please put your eyeballs back where they belong' stares.

Coat, Bonmarché*
Scarf, eBay
Dress, Simply Be
Leggings, Very
Boots, Tesco (no longer available)

I was at one with being stared at in this dress. Sometimes I forget that I'm fat, I have an undercut, and I'm hardly a shy retiring type of gal. I felt a million quid in this dress so let 'em stare! There's no charge for it. Autographs DO come at a premium though. Bwahahaha!

What's the item of clothing you get stared at in the most?

Thanks for reading.

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