Outtakes #3

Hello pickles!

Here I am with another series of outtakes and not-yet-shown photos.

This outfit post was going to be my second post with the lovely Simply Be coat, but there was a slight problem.

Not quite yet...

It's becoming apparent...

Hello see through dress!

It's not indecent from the waist up.

Here are a few photos from outfit posts I decided not to post as all the items in them were old. I like (and try) to show a mixture of old and new items in my posts, but every last thing in these 2 outfits was old, and I decided not to post them in their own right. For me, each post has got to have at least one thing in it someone can go out and buy today if they wanted to, even if it's only a necklace or accessory. Maybe that's putting too much pressure on myself, but I know sometimes when I'm coveting an item a blogger is showing me and it's old and there's little chance of me snagging it, I feel a little sad. Lovelies, how do YOU feel about seeing old items in posts?

I'm sharing this shot for my face!

This is a dress from ASOS last year.

I'm not sure what this is about!

There are no words

Here are some photos off the SLR. We often see military aircraft fly past, so when something extremely noisy approaches, we capture it if we're quick enough.

A Chinook, we think.

Windsurfers on a very hazy day

All the remaining photos were taken at a family meal a couple of months ago (or soon afterwards.) My brother's partner's little girls sometimes take the camera off to capture everyone, which is why everyone in the photos is pulling some kind of silly face.

My dad

My little monkey face

My brother

Hub face pointing at someone, but who? No idea!

My cousin really doesn't like having his photo taken!

I haven't seen little C, or my brother's lady's girls in a while. I love being around little ones, they really lift your soul. We're going to arrange another family meal before Christmas, which will no doubt be difficult because of everyone's work schedules, but it's a must do!

Do you like these outtake posts?

Thanks for peeking.

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