The night I met a legend


I'm a bit of a geek, so when my geeky friend Dan alerted me that Robert Llewellyn from Red Dwarf and Scrapheap Challenge was coming to my town to do a talk about electric cars I thought 'Why the hell not?!' We're massive Red Dwarf fans (Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg Heeeeeeeeeeead!) and we love his kooky personality.

We went on Thursday evening and it was a really informative and funny talk which got rid of a lot of the negative bunkum out there about electric cars. There were a lot of laughs as well - at one point he was talking about something not being very good and said 'It's totally Fukushima'd!' That wasn't the word I was expecting.... ;) He's as funny in real life as you'd expect him to be and very charismatic. In short, he's a very very nice man!

Dan and I excitedly waiting

I don't know out of myself, Dan and James who was fan-girling the most. When we went into the room of the hotel where the talk was held we saw Mr L sitting talking to someone and there was a kind of collective 'He's in there!' moment which made us walk back out and come over all unnecessary.

Waiting for him to arrive


We bought his book

I made a joke about the book secretly being about S&M which raised quite a few chuckles and a braying laugh from the man himself. Job done!

And he kindly signed it

I'm never going to wash again. He put his arm around me for the photo and as he moved his arm away afterwards his hand went through my hair (totally accidentally of course) but still.....I'm fan-girling like crazy. Hahaha!

James is kicking himself because he was too shy to ask for a photo, but I'm sure Mr L would've obliged - he's a genuinely lovely man. Sometimes you meet someone famous and they're a bit of a dick (cough Nigel Benn cough) but he's a really warm man and it was a privilege to be in a room of no more than 10 people listening to him enthuse about electric cars.

Have you met one of your heroes? How did it go?

Thanks for reading!

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