What we did on holiday part 1


Hubby and I went on holiday to Weymouth in Dorset with my mum and step dad recently. You can see our accommodation in this post here (and also hear about a cute badger who visited us nightly).

We arrived at our lodge at about 4.30 pm on the Friday.

On Saturday we went to Bournemouth, and headed straight to the Oceanarium, which had otters and giant turtles amongst sharks and other critters. I was really happy to see otters as they're so damn cute. You can hear my mum and some cute kids talking in the video below.

Mum and I

Real sand - the beaches near me are pebbly - and the pier

On Sunday we went to the island of Portland, which has changed unbelievably since I was last there about 15 years ago. It used to be quite a run down little place but now it's full of posh new build apartments and expensive places to eat. I think having the Olympic sailing at Weymouth did the area a huge amount of good.

Portland Bill lighthouse on a dreary day

We stopped off for lunch at the Chesil Beach centre, which was expensive to eat at. 2 bowls of chips, 2 bread baskets and 2 diet cokes came to over £15, which is why we didn't have a proper meal there! It would have cost about £30 to have eaten properly, which is damn expensive for a cafe.

Hubs with the sun in his eyes

Step dad

Mum, who pulls as many silly faces as I do


After lunch we nipped back to a gorgeous graveyard I'd spotted. I think it's the loveliest graveyard I've ever seen. It was chock full of gorgeous memorials like the one below. I will post more photos from the graveyard in a series I have planned called Photo Friday.

On Monday we went to a boot fair and market in Weymouth then met my friend Jayne (you might know her as the ex pro-wrestler Klondyke Kate) for a good natter. We came together on Myspace after a mutual friend of ours died a few years ago. We arranged to meet in Hastings a couple of years ago when Jayne was wrestling locally and she took us backstage afterwards so we could have a good natter and meet her hubby and daughter. This time we spent about 3 hours chatting in a pub and it was lovely to catch up, so much so that I didn't want to leave. What she doesn't know about wrestling hasn't been invented yet and it's not just the UK wrestlers she knows, but the big stars in WWE wrestling too. She's held in high esteem by all wrestlers as she was such a game changer. Myself and my step dad are big wrestling fans so we could listen to her talk about the wrestling world until our ears fall off, but more than that that she's a lovely lady with a heart of gold. I don't see her often, but she's a dear friend whose Facebook updates make me laugh my butt off on a regular basis.

I'm breaking this up into two posts to stop me waffling on too much. The next one will have what we did Tues-Thurs.

Thanks for reading!

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