ELF HD Powder AKA miracle skin!


I did a post recently with a photo of my skin looking amazing, and realised it was in part down to ELF's High Definition powder. I've been taking really good care of my skin recently and it has improved it no end, but the powder adds a soft focus finish which really tops it off.

Here's a photo of me the other day with no HD powder on. (Excuse the lank hair - I used Batiste XXL on it and when I wash it the next day I have to use double the shampoo and conditioner I'd normally use just to get a brush through my hair!)

As you can see there's a bit of shine going on.

Here we are after the powder.

Wonky eyebrows fo lyfe!

As you can see it gives a soft focus look to the skin. I took these photos really quickly in between washing up, getting tea up and taking sunset photos so I didn't buff the powder in enough - it's on my fine face hairs - but hopefully you can still see what a difference it makes.

Here's the product itself - very well used, as you can see.

It's a very large pot of extremely fine milled powder. It's the fineness of it which I believes gives the soft focus finish. It's like it covers every tiny little pore and makes me look amazing. It also reduces shine. You get a generous 8g for £6 and it comes in 3 colours - translucent (which I have), shimmer and colour correcting yellow. You can find it here.

About the container - it's big and clunky and due to the fineness of the powder every time you open it a small puff of powder escapes into the air. If it were a stingy container it might be a problem, but I estimate there's enough product in this container to be used every day for a year so it's not a huge issue overall.

Will you be giving this HD powder a go?

Thanks for reading.

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