Previous Halloween dress up

Hiya lovelies.

I'm not going out this Halloween (BOOOOO!) so I thought I'd do a run down of some previous outfits.

On Halloween 2008 we went to see Slayer. Since they're such a bunch of damned-to-hell souls I though dressing up as a fat vicar would be apt. The outfit went down well and a lot of people loved it.

I miss you funky hair!

For Halloween 2009 we went to the Brighton zombie walk, which was awesome. I went as a zombie bowling enthusiast with a bowling shirt and bag.

In 2011 I didn't go anywhere but I dressed up and took photos anyway.

I put a whole can of Batiste into my hair and smothered by body and clothes in talc.

Again, last year I didn't go out but I did some witchy make up.

We also went to a Halloween themed wedding last year. Full post here, including the Mr's outfit.

I don't just dress up on Halloween. I'll dress up for any reason, especially if the theme is spooky or pirate! I have some other photos I can share from other fancy dress occasions another time.

Do you dress up for Halloween? What's been your favourite outfit, if so?

Thanks for reading.

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