Outside My Comfort Zone #18 - Nightclub

Hiya pickles!

Verena picked the theme this time, and she picked an outfit we could wear to a nightclub.

Bear in mind my idea of a nightclub will differ from a lot of people's idea of a nightclub. ;) I've never felt at home in a 'normal' rock club in my life, but in a rock/metal club? Now we're talking!

Silly face alert.

The weird thing is these boots are more purple than pink, but they photograph as pink. Oh well.

Top, Evans via Leeds clothes swap
Sparkle cardi, Debenhams
Matte leggings, Miss Difusa
New Rock boots, available from good shoe shops everywhere (I've been dying to say that my whole life! Seriously though, go to Camden if you want some New Rock boots, they're everywhere there!)
Necklace, Extreme Largeness
Silver bracelets, Primark
Leather bracelet, gift
Gothic ring, Alchemy gothic

Do you like nightclubs? I'd sooner have a cuppa and a nice book!

Thanks for reading.

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