Grrreat OOTD

Hiya pickles!

I called this post 'Grrreat' after Tony the Frosties tiger, even though this is a leopard. Call it word association gone wonky.

I only pulled my hair up on one side to show off my undercut and it looks a bit silly. Never mind! Silly is good, right? Right! I like silly. Life's too serious as it is...none of us get out of it alive! ;)

I'm giving hubby side eyes here

You know what, it irks me no end that my necklace isn't centred in any of these photos. :) 

Top, Yours Clothing (old)
Skirt, ASOS Curve
Shoes, Asda
Necklace, Extreme Largeness

You may remember a while back me not wanting to get my legs out. Now I don't want to put them away, even though they're bruised, blotchy and I have some varicose veins on the side of one of them. Body confidence level RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH.

Have you come to love a part of your body you'd previously hated because of body positivity?

Thanks for reading and happy hump day!

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